Offices and Labs
At COBIS, you will have access to flexible office facilities and modern laboratories of an international high standard. We have a 12,000 square meter building of modern architecture with lab facilities and offices. Event venues and meeting places. Incubator space and services.

We ensure you the freedom to extend or reduce your rented area in the science park in an easy and flexible way, providing offices that always meet your needs.

In addition, COBIS offers laboratory facilities prepared for work with gene technological material and radioactivity. The laboratories are readily available for your equipment, and if needed we can help you buy fume hoods, benches, incubators, etc. — anything you need to deliver first class research.

Both the laboratories are built according to the same principle as the offices making it possible to scale up and down depending on your needs. You only pay for services that you need.

Reduce your costs
At COBIS, we know all about the costs of running a research business, which is why we offer a series of services for biotech companies wanting to grow — services that would otherwise be very costly to obtain. For example:

  • Laboratory wash and autoclave
  • Surveillance of sensitive instruments or rooms
  • Handling of chemical and biological waste
  • Delivery of ice, dry ice, compressed air, etc.
  • Co-operation with the Biocenter for renting of animal stables, access to technical equipment, etc.
  • A concierge to help you get access to facilities and equipment

Price examples

Office and laboratory facilities in COBIS range from 15 m2 to 100 m2 and the possibility of merging or splitting the rooms, so that they fit your needs.

  • An office of 15 m2 with full service is available for as little as just below 4.000 DKK per month all inclusive
  • A laboratory of 24 m2 with full service can be rented for a starting price just below 10.000 DKK per month all inclusive