Mød vores virksomheder


Nogle af de mest lovende nye biotek- og life science firmaer i Danmark, er placeret i COBIS. Højtuddannede, professionelle, og inspirerende at være omkring - de er hjertet af forskerparken og sandsynligvis den vigtigste grund til, at du bør overveje at vælge COBIS. Mere end 90 virksomheder har allerede valgt os - du kan være den næste.


3Dintegrated’s computer vision technology unlocks the future of computer-driven surgery by turning surgery into measurable 3D data.

Our platform is based on structured light, deep learning, and structure from motion principles to secure highly robust and precise 3D data delivered in real-time.

Acesion Pharma

Acesion Pharma is a Danish biotech company founded in 2011 by Morten Grunnet and Ulrik Sørensen and based on seeding capital from the venture funds Novo Seeds and SEED Capital Denmark. Acesion Pharma aims to develop more efficacious and safe drugs for the treatment of atrial fibrillation (AF), the most common type of cardiac arrhythmia. AF mainly affects the elderly population and often causes a pronounced decrease in quality of life and furthermore increases the risk of stroke. Existing drug therapies generally have a limited efficacy and/or are associated with risk of serious adverse events. Therefore, there is a considerable need for developing better and safer drugs. Inhibition of SK channels, an ion channel present in the heart and with relevance for the cardiac rhythm, constitute a novel and promising drug target for the treatment of AF. Acesion Pharma aims to develop a first-in-class SK channel inhibitor for the acute cardioversion of AF.


aCROnordic Health Claim Services support the development of Health Claim products from pharma, biotech, medical device or nutraceutical companies. aCROnordic is your - Single Point of Contact - Contract Research Organization providing services through highly qualified partners, utilizing global cost efficient resources, connected through a unique infrastructure.

Adenium Biotech

Adenium Biotech is developing an antimicrobial peptide with bactericidal efficacy against a broad spectrum of resistant Gram negative bacteria.


Airlabs, founded in 2014, is a research and design based organisation that combines expertise from the fields of chemistry, engineering, urban design and business. Our mission is to reduce the impact of polluted air on citizens, focusing on critical high density pollution exposure areas in cities around the world. We can to build citywide systems that remove atmospheric pollutants (including gas-phase pollutants and particulate matter) and produce large volumes of clean air to improve the quality of life for citizens. Our goal is to reduce exposure in an effective way where the benefits exceed the cost of action.


Amie is building an intelligent, user-friendly knowledge management system for research and development.

Antag Therapeutics

Our mission is to develop first-in-class peptide drugs for the treatment of dietary-related metabolic diseases.


Attana provides customers with biologically relevant information to enhance the success rates and efficiency of their research and development processes. Since 2002, our proprietary products and services have been validated by leading academic institutions, biotech companies and big-pharma across the world.

Avilex Pharma

Avilex Pharma is developing novel inhibitors of PDZ domains to target a range of unmet medical needs.


BGI was founded in 1999 as a nonprofit research organization to support the Human Genome Project. Over the years, BGI has grown into a multi-national genomics company with significant global operations, including sequencing laboratories based in the US, Europe, Hong Kong and mainland China.

BGI Europe’s headquarters were established in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2010. Our experience in high-capacity, high- throughput analytics, bioinformatics capabilities, and our long history in large population–scale genomics and data analysis, means that BGI Europe is uniquely positioned to support both academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies with a wide array of high quality genomic services for basic research, pharmacogenomics and clinical diagnostics.

Biocare Copenhagen

BioCare Copenhagen is a Danish bioscience company that specialises in microbial actives targeting gastrointestinal disorders, metabolism, infections and immunity.

The company’s activities are based on research conducted by Copenhagen University Hospital, Denmark’s leading hospital for patients requiring highly specialised treatment. BioCare Copenhagen was established as a joint venture between the Danish Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation and the management team Søren B. Thomsen (CEO) and Jesper Gantzel (COO).

Offering innovative products with a strong competitive edge, BioCare Copenhagen and its partners have achieved a very robust market position on several European markets, including the Danish home market, reaching a market share of 70% in probiotic supplements. Furthermore, the company has been awarded with the Danish Gazelle price 2016 due to its continuously growth the previously four years.

Biomatics Technology

Biomatics Technology provides solutions for real-time process monitoring in biotech, pharma and foodtech.

The Biomatics Sampling System provides automated aseptic sampling directly in production.


Coherent regulatory navigation and clinical communication

The value of any biotech company asset is proven through clear communication and regulatory confirmation. Biotrack will plug in with expertise in medical writing, regulatory affairs, and project management to help companies progress towards their next milestone.

Navigate – We know end-to-end drug development and can find a way through the inevitable regulatory maze. Our collaboration is hardened in successful biotech

Execute – Our approach is intelligent use of guidelines and proven methodology

Document – Our view is comprehensive, starting with the end in mind - and we make sure you are in control of your regulatory documentation


CathVision develops non-invasive technology to guide therapy for arrhythmia. The company's product images the smallest heart signals. High quality signals are a key component of delivering accurate therapy to arrhythmia


Clinical-Microbiomics is an independent contract research organization fully dedicated to microbiome research. We provide world-leading end-to-end microbiome research services within human, animal and plant / soil microbiomes. From clinical trial consulting to sequencing and complex bioinformatics with integration of other meta-‘omics data, we partner with you to provide actionable microbiome insights from your studies.

Contera Pharma

Contera Pharma identifies and develops innovative treatments for patients suffering from movement disorders. We use our expertise in drug discovery and development in close collaboration with expert individuals and organizations to provide foundations for succes.

Copenhagen Life Science Advisors

Copenhagen Life Science Advisors is a network of life science professionals with years of experience from pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech industries, as well as experience in working in and with life science venture capital. We work together as one, offering services in commercialization of science and fundraising of early stage companies.

Cryo Center Copenhagen

Cryo Center Copenhagen tilbyder smertebehandling til:

  • Hælspore (Plantar fasciitis)
  • Lænde- rygsmerter forårsaget af facet leds sygdomme/skader
  • Nervesmerter (neuropatiske smerter)
  • Diabetisk neuropati
  • Fantomsmerter/Stumpsmerter
  • Occipital neuralgia (Migræne)
  • Smerter i bevægeapparatet, som hænder, skulder, knæ og fødder
  • Neuromer efter kirurgi
  • Morton`s neurom

Vi tilbyder desuden smertelindring til genoptræning efter knæ operation (nyt knæ eller kikkertoperation).


Dalux creates user friendly 2D and 3D visualization and configuration solutions to the building and production industry, especially within laboratories.

Danish-Chinese Organic Food Center

Mille’s vision is for people all around the world to have access to a safe and nutritious product.

Dansk Biotek

DANISH BIOTECH is a trade organization for Danish biotech companies with the aim to promote opportunities for biotechnology research, development and production in Denmark and perform common business interests in this context, both nationally and internationally. DANISH BIOTECH members are private companies in Denmark who research, develops or produces pharmaceuticals or other products with a significant content of biotechnology (biotech companies) and their parent companies and investment funds that are active owners of biotech companies. Membership can be obtained on

Defensin Therapeutics

Defensin Therapeutics is a Danish biopharmaceutical company spun out from Novozymes A/S in 2013. Defensin Therapeutics focuses on the development and commercialization of novel products for the treatment of diseases and conditions associated with dysregulation of the human microbiota.


Develect is a small IP consultancy company, headed by Mrs. Mette Bergqvist. Develect provides patent solutions for biotech companies.


Safety and Pharmacovigilance Management/ Drug Safety Expert function/ Safety Physician function.

  • Acting as interim or part time Head of Safety and Pharmacovigilance for small or start-up pharma and/or device companies that do not yet need their own Safety and Pharmacovigilance department or who are currently establishing a such
  • Establishing a compliant Safety and Pharmacovigilance system
  • Outsourcing management: Pharmacovigilance service provider identification/ contract negotiation/ daily oversight
  • Drug Safety Expert function – Medical Input to e.g. protocols, PSURs, DSUR, CIOMS forms, Case narratives, Clinical Study Reports or oversight of the production of such documents
  • Data Monitoring Board Management
  • Safety and Pharmacovigilance consulting/ audit preparation


Epikon is a consulting company that has 100% focus on the healthcare sector. Our consultants know the health sector's special conditions and has worked for numerous public and private companies in Denmark and Scandinavia.

ESS Data Management and Software Centre

The European Spallation Source (ESS) ERIC is a multi-national collaboration that is currently constructing the world’s brightest neutron scattering research facility in Lund, Sweden. The Data Management and Software Centre (DMSC), located in Copenhagen, Denmark, is an ESS Division that is responsible for developing the data acquisition, reduction, visualization and analysis software for the ESS neutron beam instruments, and for storing, and making available, the scientific research data taken at the ESS when it is operational.

The ESS will be up to 100 times brighter than today’s leading neutron scattering facilities, enabling new opportunities for researchers in the fields of life sciences, energy, environmental technology, cultural heritage and fundamental physics.

Fairy Technology

We make computers understand written and spoken language within healthcare and industry. We train algorithms to extract knowledge from unstructured data for intelligent automation.

Fauna Photonics

Automatic insect mapping for sustainable agriculture.


Fermbiotics performs research and development to provide consumers with healthy and clinically effective natural fermented seaweed and plant products within food ingredients, dietary supplements and medical foods.


Orphan diseases affect more than 30 million Americans. 40% of patients are misdiagnosed or un-diagnosed. Traditional search engines need to be optimized to help diagnose rare diseases from symptoms. This is where FindZebra comes in! FindZebra is a symptom checker. Enter clinical and phenotype information, symptoms and findings and FindZebra returns potential diseases and genes involved.

Fischer BioConsult

Fischer BioConsult provides services relating to financing, business development and product development within the biotech sector. Per Fischer has more than 15 years experience from biotech, pharma and consulting, and has worked for more than 25 clients over a period of 4 years.


Freesense is an innovative Danish company designing and producing high-tech wireless, online sensor particles for liquid analysis in industrial, biopharmaceutical and speciality food and beverage companies. Both the sensors and the electronics in our sensor particles are designed and tested specifically for harsh production environments capable of withstanding autoclave and high temperature production. The particles are built to GMP standards and have a high impact resistance. Freesense sensor particles can: - Measure: pH, pressure and temperature wirelessly and in real time - Help understand scale up processes better - Optimise the production processes, increasing yields - Monitor and ensure production quality The company was founded by the management in 2016 as a spinout from the BIOPRO and the Danish Technical University (DTU). Freesense work in close collaboration with the BIOPRO partners on bringing valuable analytical instruments to the bio-industry. We are focused on bringing unique insights with the latest sensor technology to our customers.

Galecto Biotech

Galecto Biotech is a newly founded company, focused on developing novel drugs for the treatment of fibrosis, inflammation and other serious human diseases. The company's products target galectins, a group of proteins that play important roles in many disorders. Galecto Biotech's high potency galectin modulators may open new treatment possibilities for many patients.

Genau & More

Genau & More operates in the regulated industries Pharma, Biotech, and Medical Device and are offering quality oriented consultancy within e.g. current compliance, validation, and business performance – services that will ensure the inspection readiness of the clients and ultimately help to ensure patient safety in medical treatment.


Hedia er en intelligent og personlig app for diabetikere. Den guider til en vejledende insulindosis udregnet på baggrund af blodsukker, fysisk aktivitet og indtag af kulhydrat. Hedia bliver over tid klogere på den enkelte diabetiker og kan derfor forudse tendenser samt varsle om et forestående højt eller lavt blodsukker.

Helion Biotech

Helion Biotech orks with Mannan-Binding Lectin (MBL), a key component of the innate immune defence. It is responsible for activation of the complement system upon binding to carbohydrate structures widely present on bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Hoba Therapeutics

Hoba Therapeutics focuses on developing a disease-modifying treatment for neuropathic pain.


At HPNow, we believe that natural solutions are often the best. That is why we are introducing a novel technology solution for the on-site generation of a powerful, yet safe and eco-friendly water and air treatment agent. Our on-site generation devices produce pure hydrogen peroxide where and when it is needed using only water, air and electricity as input. These can be utilized in water treatment applications ranging from irrigation, livestock, aquaculture, municipal, residential, and through to chlorine-free swimming pool, as well as in air and surface treatment applications.

IO Biotech

IO Biotech ApS is developing a novel immunotherapy for cancer by targeting a mechanism used by tumour cells to evade immune responses.

IWA Consulting

IWA Consulting – For quality, safety, and efficacy

The IWA Consulting Team is a dedicated group of regulatory affairs specialists providing expert services to a range of international private and public clients. We do that based on our long term regulatory experience, in-depth knowledge, and expertise.

We assist biotech, pharma, and medtech companies in achieving their major regulatory milestones, knowing and thoroughly understanding the sense of urgency that applies to this business area. Regulatory affairs – in every aspect of the discipline – is our core competence.

Learn more about our services and how we work and feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs regarding regulatory affairs.

KIBW Concept

KIBW Concept was founded in 2001 concentrating in GMP training and Audit activities. The company expanded in 2010 also to include activities such as CMC and Due Diligence, Quality Systems and QP duties.

Lab Hos Development

LAB HOS is a company devoted to the design, develop and marketing of high-tech instruments for clinical testing and healthcare for labs and hospitals. We’re able to satisfy the exacting quality standards required by these industries thanks to the experience and expertise of our team. We are working in

  1. Lab section: we declare the best quality materials and high tech instrument to labs and IVO manufacturers, for example all reagents and instruments being used in immunoassay based clinical tests in medical and veterinary fields.
  2. Hospital section: we provide the EU approved facilities being used in patient caring like parts used in making bed hospital, different types of hospital and lab washing machines. Moreover, in clinical diagnostic section, we present PC based audiometers.


Lactobio performs research and development of innovative microbial products and concepts to fight multi-resistant bacteria.


LBKPATENT is focusing on providing IP, in particular, Patent consulting to Pharmaceutical companies, Biotechnology companies having focus within the life science area, such as therapeutic area as well as start-up companies having focus within the life science area. LBKPATENT is also able to provide patent consulting within the broader chemistry area, as well as mechanical area. Patent consulting includes without limitation drafting and prosecuting patents, as well as analysis of patentability and freedom to operate, and developing patent strategies.

Life Science Plus Advokater

LIFE SCIENCE PLUS Advokater provides specialized and business oriented legal advisory based upon more than 15 years of hands-on experience from the Life Science industry - both from an operational and strategic level.

* General Legal Services - full spectrum of general commercial & R&D specific contracts, legal risk management, IP aspects as well as commercially oriented legal and strategic advice and compliance work.

* Business Development/Licensing activities - coordination and structuring of licensing and other transactional activities, incl. due diligence processes, deal structures, drafting and negotiation as well as anchoring/integration.

* Partnerships - structuring, drafting, negotiation and management of value creating partnerships & alliances with e.g. academia, institutions and commercial partners; R&D outsourcing and CRO vendor management.

We also help companies to professionalize operations and governance to prepare them for external fundraising.


Linkberg blev stiftet i 2014 af Thomas K. L. Berggren. Thomas har adskillige års erfaring fra IT og analyse branchen. Linkberg foretager opsætning af spørgeundersøgelser, effektmåling af behandlingsforløb samt kundetilfredshedsundersøgelser for både offentlige og private virksomheder.


The LINX Association is the platform for Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays.

LINX is the focal point for creating commercial value through innovative material science solutions based on advanced neutron & X-ray technology in collaboration with facilities, such as MAX IV, ESS and European XFEL.

The LINX Association was established in spring 2016 to encompass “The LINX Project” funded by the Danish Innovation Fund (IFD) for a period of 5 years (2016-2021).

Medidee Services

Medidee was established by three partners, all experts in the field of medical devices. As professionals with a multidisciplinary background we provide all necessary competences internally to handle all aspects of your project, from the Design to the Certification. Our team is expending regularly to provide the best resources and competences to address all dimensions of your project and to reach the ambitious milestones required by the marketing of your product. Hereafter are the key people of Medidee.


Medivir is a research-based pharmaceutical company with a research focus on oncology. We endeavour to develop innovative pharmaceuticals that meet substantial unmet medical needs. Our R&D portfolio is based on our established and proven technology platform.


MEQU har opfundet en ny måde at varme IV-væsker op. Vi har skabt °M Varmeren- en præ-hospital iv væske/blood varmer til behandling af svært tilskadekomne patienter. Den varmer infusionsvæsker og blood op til en kropstemperatur for at forhindre/formindske hypotermi.


With an ambition to further develop the role of statisticians and statistical programmers, ME-TA is a resource to your biometric department. ME-TA will help your statisticians and programmers increase their effectiveness by encouraging innovative initiatives. We make the complicated simpler and transparent and within the traditional roles of programmer and statistician we have the ambition and the knowhow to change a good idea into an implemented innovative solution. ME-TA was founded by Martin Eeg and Toni Awwad, both with a history of expert roles within biometrics in pharmaceutical companies, to provide services within statistical consultancy, statistical reporting and general saas programming. Combined the partners at ME-TA have worked for 5 of the Top 10 Pharma companies and 9 of the Danish Pharma companies.

Mind the Byte

Mind the Byte is a bioinformatics company specializing in computational drug discovery using a pay-per-use SaaS platform (software as a service).

We work with over 30 biotechnology, pharmaceutical and veterinary companies as well as research centres and universities around the world to help them complete their R&D processes more quickly and economically. This means that we can get new medicines to treat cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and a variety of rare diseases, among others, to patients faster.

We are Amazon Web Services technology partners – a seal of quality that has only been awarded to five companies in this sector – and members of the Microsoft BizSpark Plus programme.

Mind the Byte was founded in 2011 by Alfons Nonell-Canals (@alfonsnic), who holds a PhD in Computational Chemistry and is a specialist in computer-aided drug design, in the development of software to modify active compounds, and in large-scale chemical and biological analyses. His motivation for founding the company was his desire to ensure that everyone has access to the medications they need.

Minerva Imaging

Minerva Imaging is a CRO specializing in molecular imaging services for accelerated and efficient drug development. Services offered are in vivo pre-clinical imaging assays, design and incorporation of imaging protocols in clinical trials, and consulting.


GBS is the leading cause of life-threatening bacterial infections in newborn babies affecting some 8,000 babies annually in Europe and the US. GBS infections may result in still-births, or pneumonia, septicaemia and meningitis in the newborn babies leading to either severe morbidity, mortality or life-long disabilites. MinervaX is pursuing the development of a novel vaccine candidate against Group B Streptococci (GBS).


Remember how mobile apps changed outdoor training?

Motosumo does exactly that for group training in your gym! Enabled by our unique technology your smartphone tracks every move in every class. No new sensors, equipment, or bikes needed! On top everyone is connected real time creating a social team experience.

NEXT - National Experimental Therapy Partnership

NEXT - National Experimental Therapy Partnership is a public-private partnership in clinical research, consisting of six public institutions and five pharmaceutical companies.


Orphazyme develops pharmaceuticals that target lysosomes. The company is dedicated to developing a novel class of therapeutics for the treatment of lysosomal storage diseases, a group of debilitating genetic disorders.

OSAA Innovation

We at OSAA Innovation believe that mankinds most distinguished assignment while alive is to strive to create a better day for all people regardless of age, race and economic status. We especially want to improve life for patients and kids at hospitals. Therefore we work nonstop on solutions that can heighten patients and kids life quality.


Patentgruppen rådgiver om IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), dvs. alt inden for patenter, brugsmodeller og designs. Patentgruppen ønsker at gøre det enkelt for dig at beskytte din forretning, produkter og innovation igennem en proaktiv og strategisk tilgang til IPR. Vi lader dig benytte alle vores tekniske og patentmæssige kompetencer ind i din virksomhed. Det bliver muligt, fordi vi arbejder i teams. Vi er både et team internt i Patentgruppen, men også et team med vores kunder. Uanset hvem du er og hvilke tekniske krav eller krav til IPR-viden, du har, så kan vi matche dit behov. Vi ser os selv som sparringspartner for vores kunder og vi er stolte over det arbejde, vi udfører.


We believe the world would be a healthier place if tomorrow's medicines were made available today. Patheon is transforming the way pharmaceuticals are made with a simplified, end-to-end supply chain solution for pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies of all sizes. Drug substances and drug products. Development and manufacturing. Small and large molecules. Sterile, oral solid and softgel dosage forms. Patheon offers a comprehensive range of services spanning all phases and scales that is wider and deeper than that of any other CDMO.

Pharma Evidence

Have you included data for price and reimbursement discussions in your clinical trials? To be able to document true 'value for money' the payer perspective must already be included in clinical trials from phase II. Pharma Evidence is your strategic partner specialized in health economics, outcome research and pricing. Contact us at +4530305526 for an informal discussion of how and when to secure optimal price and reimbursement at launch.

Physio R&D

Selskabets formål er at udvikle og kommercialisere flere opfindelser inden for sundhed, fysiskrehabilitering og IT-Sport


The Quantum Innovation Center (Qubiz) serves as an incubator environment for the growth of Quantum Technologies (QT) in Denmark. Qubiz merges all QT groups in Denmark and 16 industrial partners. Our ambition is to gain a globally leading position in the commercialization of QT.


Radiobotics is aiming to save healthcare professionals time by automating medical imaging diagnosis with artificial intelligence, and ultimately improve the life of millions of patients worldwide.


Creating low-bacterial environments.

At ACT.Global we help clients fight harmful microorganisms in a way that has not been seen before. Simple, clean and highly effective. We create a healthy indoor environment by eliminating three challenges that most companies face today: bacteria, air born pollutants and mould.


RefLab is a private Danish laboratory with extensive expertise in allergy and chronic urticaria testing, serving hospitals and allergy specialists. Further, we partner in projects within drug allergy and mechanisms of new anti-allergic drugs. In 2010 RefLab became a member of R-Biopharm group.

Region Hovedstadens Enhed for Forskning og Innovation

Centre for Innovation and Research (CIR) acts as a point of entry for issues relating to innovation and research and the commercialisation hereof in the Capital Region of Denmark. In addition to counselling and negotiating contracts, the centre actively leads projects to commercialise inventions and advises on clinical trials and funding. CIR also deals with strategic and political issues pertaining to innovation and research.

Scandion Oncology

Scandion Oncology develops drugs that reverse resistance to chemotherapy in cancer patients.

SELMA Diagnostics

SELMA Diagnostics udvikler høj-sensitive molekylær diagnostiske test til tidlig detektion af kræftbiomarkører i blodbanen.

SENS Innovation

SENS-Motion er et lille intelligent plaster, der uden gener måler patienters niveau af fysisk aktivitet alle døgnets 24 timer.

Plejepersonalet kan med den intelligente visning af alle patienternes fysiske aktivitet prioritere og optimere deres indsats overfor patienter under genoptræning.

Kvaliteten og langtidseffekten af træningen kan øges væsentligt, hvilket resulterer i højere livskvalitet hos patienterne og væsentlige besparelser i sundhedsbudgetterne.

SOS Matematik

SOSmatematik er startet i 2012 af Jan Ulrich Lauridsen, som er uddannet cand.scient i matematik fra Københavns Universitet og til daglig underviser på Gammel Hellerup Gymnasium.

Formålet med SOSmatematik er at tilbyde hjælp til de mange gymnasieelever landet over, der oplever problemer med matematikundervisningen og har brug for et skub i den rigtige retning.
Dette gøres primært ved at arrangere kurser til attraktive priser, som kan tages uden for skoletiden - f.eks. i weekender og ferier.


StatGroup ApS provides statistical consulting within the areas of pharmaceutical development, pre-clinical development, clinical development, diagnostic tests, epidemiology & regulatory interaction.

For general question please contact info(at)


We prevent chronic stress and treat your stress with mindfulness.

Individuals under high levels of pressure at work are 45 percent more likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to those experiencing lower stress levels. According to WHO “Stress would be the main source of diseases by 2020". We are solving #1 problem of our society and while doing that, we are helping them by being happy.

The Back Office

Executive assistance, management support and traditional sales/marketing and secretarial assistance on an hourly basis.

Tiba Life

Tiba Life helps T2DM with creating healthy habits, by combining a personal wearable to teach habits and a social platform for support and for mentorship. We work with self-mastery to create self-adaptive behaviors for modifying the problematic ones.

We combine a new user experience to facilitate behavioral change based on habit formation models and cognitive therapy.

Tiba is making a healthy lifestyle, a habit, step by step, making the small healthy decisions during your everyday life, much easier to integrate meaningfully. We do this by delivering a method for cognitive impulse control and decision support to teach better choices.

Tiba is not just gamification and passively tracking of your exercise and health. We provide you with personalized content and guidance by delivering mental tools for self-help-improvement from cognitive therapy.


TychoBio can produce the chemicals we need in our everyday lives in a smarter and greener way: in moss!

We depend on biochemicals for everything from laundry to healthcare. However, many of these chemicals are currently being manufactured in unsustainable ways. Some methods generate large amounts of chemical waste; others take up large areas of land that could otherwise be used to grow crops for food. None of them are sustainable.

TychoBio can produce these chemicals in a cleaner, cheaper and more efficient way.

Union Medico

Union Medico Introduces Groundbreaking Technology to Ensure a safe and Successful Injection.

Union Medico is a leading developer, designer and manufacturer a wide range of innovative injectable drug delivery systems.

Therapeutic areas are Self-Injection, Vaccines and Safety Device.

Union Medico's objective to ensure enhanced convenience, safety and drug efficiency for patients and improve the healthcare worker safety.

Union Medico is the first and the only company in the world that offer a new brand platform for precise delivery system with Dose control and Targeted Delivery.

Union Medico platform provide More drug effect + Less side effects for patients & Safety injection device for healthcare worker.

This patented technology can be widely applied to all injectable drug formulations. Union Medico's technology has a Depot Control feature that offers injection control and target. Since the Auto-Injector offers controlled drug delivery and target drug deposition, they are more convenient and safer to use.

Union Medico provide advanced patient care by enabling high effective targeted treatment therapies, in term of structure delivery system efficacy and safety of Generic/Biologics/Biosimilar therapies.

One of our mission is to provide Meaningful innovation to global health and we are proud of providing safe and convince injection to patients and healthcare worker worldwide

VAR2 Pharmaceuticals

VAR2 Pharmaceuticals is a privately held biotechnology company engaged in the design and development of proprietary therapeutic proteins targeting cancer-specific carbohydrate structures for multiple cancer indications. We have a portfolio of proteins with unique affinity and specificity for these cancer-associated carbohydrates for the development of treatments for cancers where there is no effective therapy, such as sarcoma, triple negative breast cancers and prostate cancer.

The technology is based on groundbreaking discoveries made by researchers at University of Copenhagen, Denmark, in collaboration with partners at University of British Columbia, Canada.


Vild develops and markets safe, high quality products within children’s dermatology and supplements. Vild is pure and raw Nordic nature. We find raw materials and ingredients in the nature that surrounds us, and process them with an uncompromising attitude to quality and care. Simple and safe products for your child.

WDB R&D Consult

WDB R&D Consult work with life-science companies on most challenges in the early phases of drug discovery especially related to all aspects of medicinal chemistry, IPR, DMPK, pharmacology, CRO-Management.

Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting

Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting provides services for the interface between research, IT and the pharmaceutical sciences. The focus is support and development of IT systems and data management within drug discovery research, as well as computational chemistry calculations, chemical/biological modelling and data analysis using e.g. machine learning. Wildcard Pharmaceutical Consulting cover a wide range of expertise’s from laboratory IT support and data management, including Excel template programming over Linux server management to database solutions for both small molecules and biological macromolecules.

Xenia Pharma

Scientific advice: In the area of pharmacology, toxicology and regulatory affairs - special focus on diabetes and veterinary medicine. Scientific reviews,safety/efficacy assessments, Drug development plans (screeningplans, CRO contact, project management with focus on translational medicine). Contract research: Pig glucose clamp model and general/ translational models for (diabetes) research in association with relevant CRO's.